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The abstracts will be reviewed by the Programme Committee of the NSSI. In order to make their work more efficient and the selection more objective as possible, the following guidelines should be observed.

Abstracts should be submitted online only (deadline: Oct 31st 2017). The submission of abstracts should be in English.

The abstract submitter will receive an automatic confirmation by e-mail.

The programme committee reserve the right to correct orthographical mistakes and to harmonize English spelling.

The Online abstract submission will only be accepted if all agreements are acknowledged. The authors thereby agree that they are responsible for the contents. The authors also guarantee that the abstract submitted reports unpublished results and that clinical studies have been done with approval of the ethics commission and that animal tests have been done with official permission from the proper authorities. Authors commit themselves to ensure that during the Annual Meeting one of them will personally present the poster/video/oral presentation at the time indicated. Authors agree that abstracts will be presented on the NSSICON website.

The list of authors should correspond to the requirements of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (www.icmje.org/). Please note that whenever results of surgery are presented the responsible surgeon(s) should be listed as author(s).

Abstracts should be submitted in clear and concise English and ready for publication no later than oct 31st 2017. Abstract contents should not have been presented at any other congress/ conference. The abstracts will be published online as submitted.


Structure of the abstract must include the following sub headings only:
TITLE abstract title required (no capital letters, in order to avoid formatting errors copy & paste not allowed)

Specification of the presentation type required (oral, poster or video)

AUTHORS max. Six co-authors besides the main author are allowed
abstract text: Text, single-spaced, 10 font size, font: arial, max. 500 words or max. 2500 characters. Please do not include any figures and tables.


RESULTS/DISCUSSION selection of study design, methods of investigation and data analysis